I have been Jo's instructor for over 10 years and witnessed her growth as both a rider and horse trainer with great
pleasure. Jo has the ability to adapt to different horses and assess what is needed in their training to bring out
the best performance. Jo has been my groom at many important competitions, gaining experience at the
highest level of horse preparation including Athens 2004. Any horse put into her care would be in the best of
hands. Jo is a dedicated talented trainer and rider and I would without hesitation welcome her at Showfields -
Jayne Craike NZIM

Jo has been a total inspiration to my riding. Her enthusiasm and drive has improved my riding no ends and
has given me the confidence to go out and compete successfully. She has helped me so much by explaining
and showing me in an easy to understand way. I have achieved more than I had imagined I would with my
riding and with her help and support I look forward to fulfilling future goals - Dania Hoskins

Our first youngsters had the usual challenges. We were getting frustrated and losing confidence about our
ability to bring them on. We wanted someone who would educate both horse AND rider. Jo has a light, calm
pragmatic approach & a remarkable ability to relate to clients and their mounts. The transformation is
remarkable. Our aids are more precise, subtle and more confident with horses that are straight and engaged
in walk, trot and canter. Thanks again, we hope your sensitivity, skill and humour helps others to Enter At A
Smiling instead of Scowling- Graham Pohl

I had never ridden until I met Jo. I initially started on Raupapa Charlie who gave me a good grounding, After a successful season on Charile I have moved up to Raupapa Bencara and we are having much success together winning reserve champion at Onslow Gymkana, and many placings at prelim dressage. I laugh lots through my lessons and Jo always keeps me challenged and looking ahead. I cant wait for the next season - Sophia Clarke-Edwards.
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